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Impress clients with live video showcases of your luxury garments. Offer personalized shopping and secure checkouts to boost your brand, streamline transactions, and increase profits. Transform customer interactions into memorable journeys with the future of luxury retail.

Try Live Purchase for real-time engagement and personalized showcases that captivate your audience.

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What is LivePurchase

LivePurchase is a digital tool that simplifies shopping by allowing real-time video interactions between retailers and customers, facilitating instant sales in a virtual storefront setting.

Live Purchase

Customers can request a video call during business hours using a shareable Live Purchase link that facilitates easy contact.

Concierge Screen

As a personal stylist, this feature allows representatives from clothing stores to showcase the fine details of their apparel directly on a client’s screen, enhancing the personalized shopping experience greatly.


Enable secure transactions directly within the platform during a video call to allow for immediate processing after a sale agreement.

The best features
of livePurchase

Direct Video Call

Communication between store owners and customers is now streamlined with the ability to initiate video calls by entering the customer’s phone number, eliminating the need for app installations or account setups.

Call Pooling Feature

Our dynamic call routing system connects customers with available sales team members to ensure efficient customer service.

Independent Usage

The app is designed to offer a uniform experience to customers across all platforms and devices, without requiring them to install the app.


Custom Branding

Retailers have the option to customize the interface to reflect their brand’s identity.

Seamless Sales:
From Video Call Initiation to Order Completion

Ensure a seamless and efficient sales experience for your customers, from initial video interaction to final checkout.

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Create The Right
Customer Journey

Never miss a sale again. Keep the conversation going with your customers and complete transactions seamlessly using our built-in credit card processing, guaranteeing a smooth and uninterrupted shopping experience.

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