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Elevate your car sales in the digital age! Live Purchase brings a virtual showroom to your customers’ fingertips, enabling real-time video consultations and instant, secure transactions. Boost engagement, efficiency, and sales with this innovative tool.

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What is LivePurchase

LivePurchase is a cutting-edge digital tool that facilitates real-time video interactions between retailers and customers, streamlining the shopping process and enabling instant sales in a virtual storefront setting.

Live Purchase

Customers can request a video call during your business’s operating hours by utilizing a dedicated Live Purchase link, shareable anywhere, facilitating easy contact with your business.

Concierge Screen

Like a personal guide, this feature allows sales concierges to effortlessly display product/service details on the customer’s screen, elevating their shopping experience.


During the video call, enable secure transactions directly within the platform, allowing for immediate processing after a sale agreement.

The best features
of livePurchase

Direct Video Call

Store owners can initiate a video call by simply entering the customer’s phone number, streamlining communication without needing app installations or account setups.

Call Pooling Feature

Enables dynamic call routing to available sales team members, ensuring prompt responses and efficient customer service.

Independent Usage

The app is designed to provide a consistent experience to your customers across all platforms and devices, with no app installation required by them.

Custom Branding

Retailers can customize the look and feel of the interface to align with their brand.

Seamless Sales:
From Video Call Initiation to Order Completion

Streamline your customer’s shopping journey, from the first video interaction to the final checkout, ensuring a smooth and efficient sales experience.

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Create The Right
Customer Journey

Never lose a sale again. Maintain continuous conversations with your customers and seamlessly complete transactions using our embedded credit card processing, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted shopping journey.

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